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Vinyl Pouch MYSTERY Bundle

Vinyl Pouch MYSTERY Bundle

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Love a fun surprise in the mail? Want to send someone else a little gift? I’ve got you covered with this bundle! You will receive an organza bag containing 10 unique prints of empty vinyl pouches, handmade by yours truly. I’ve included a photo of the whole pile to give you an idea of the types of shapes and prints I have available, just for example purposes. The mix of prints includes everyday prints like flowers, animals, and food, and also fandom prints like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Disney (just to name a few)!

Great for:

• Stitch markers
• Jewelry
• Pills
• Swap gifts
• Coins

PLEASE NOTE: These sets have already been made up and which prints you get will be as much a mystery to me as to you! I am unable to accommodate any kind of special requests for these.

You are welcome to resell these at in-person shows, your own brick-and-mortar shop, or on your own website. By purchasing, you agree not to resell on Etsy.

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