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Stitch Marker MYSTERY Bags

Stitch Marker MYSTERY Bags

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Love a fun surprise in the mail? Want to send someone else a little gift? I’ve got you covered with these mystery bags! Each bag contains 20 unique stitch markers. There are 2 options available:

Llama - This 3” x 4” bag has been printed with a llama and contains handmade, everyday stitch markers and even a few progress keepers. There are a myriad of colors and styles present, which could include enamel charms, hand beaded styles in glass, acrylic or stone, lightweight shrink plastic, or simple closed rings in shapes like hearts, cats, squares and hexagons. Each bag contains markers to fit a variety of needle sizes. I’ve included a photo of the whole pile to give you an idea of what this style is like, just for example purposes. Your set will contain 20 markers!

BABY YODA - This 3” x 4” bag contains markers from all of my different stitch marker bracelets, both new and retired. Take a peek at the Stitch Marker Bracelet shop section for examples! Not every marker is immediately obvious which fandom it belongs to, but that’s part of the fun (and I’ve made sure each bag has at least a few super recognizable markers!) Each bag contains markers to fit a variety of needle sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: These bags have already been made up and will be as much a mystery to me as to you, as far as what you’ll be getting! I am unable to accommodate any kind of special requests for these.

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