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Bicolor Snips w/Progress Keeper

Bicolor Snips w/Progress Keeper

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Tiny scissors with a removable stitch marker! Two tools in one, these bi-color scissors come in your choice of 6 color combos, each with its own unique progress keeper. Simply unhook it from the bottom of your scissors, and pop it right onto your knitting!

These scissors were custom made for my shop, and are so sharp they'll cut through any yarn you throw at them in one clean cut, including extra bulky. They can even cut through cardstock! The removable cap and spring action makes them very easy to use, and they fit in my Tool Tins just perfectly. You won't find these anywhere else - compare the tips and you'll see that my custom snips are razor sharp!

This listing is for ONE pair of miniature scissors in your choice of the following combinations (please specify which you prefer during checkout):

* Blue/Black with camera
* Green/Yellow with multi-colored tassel
* Pink/Blue with heart shaker
* Black/Purple with cat
* Yellow/Pink with coffee cup
* Purple/Green with floral pompom

Scissors measure approximately 1 7/8 in/4.69 cm tall and are spring loaded. These have sharp tips and are approved by TSA for air travel within the US.

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